October 20, 2015

I’m an animal lover. We’ve been going to Blue Cross since we moved to Long Beach over 9 years ago. They’ve helped us with our two VERY senior dogs (age 16 and 17), and when we had to put them down the hospital staff wrote a card and made a donation in our pets’ names for research. They’ve helped us when we rescued multiple litters of kittens (worms, skin rashes, diarrhea — you name it!). They helped when a rescue puppy swallowed a bone by taking X-rays every day until we saw that the bone was getting dissolved by stomach acid (thank goodness!). I’ve loved every vet we’ve seen, and cried on their shoulders more than a few times. They have a spot in the back with a sun roof, fountain and fake grass and they feed your dog a last meal and let you cry while your pet enjoys a moment with you in the sunshine before putting them down. They offer a service to cremate your pet and take cast impressions of the animal’s paw as a keepsake. I have 3 very beautiful wooden boxes with my various pet’s pawprints, tags, and ashes inside. I read the review that said the vet tried to “upsell” them on the cost of things. I haven’t found that to be true. I can easily understand a staff member telling a potential client over the phone the cost of a vaccine, without realizing the client didn’t know the vaccination should not be given without a full exam. Some vaccines should not be taken if an animal is sick! I wouldn’t give my son the flu vaccine if he had a cold, same goes for animals. Let’s face it, going to a doctor is expensive. Going to a vet is going to cost money, too. I’d rather go to a vet I trust than try to find somewhere cheaper to go with my beloved friends. After all, my animals are part of my family.

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