Reasons Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your Health

Reasons Why Owning A Pet Is Good For Your HealthAccording to the American Pet Products Association, over 86 million cats and 78 million dogs are owned in the United States. So, it goes without saying that pet ownership is a big thing in America. And rightly so.

They offer much-needed companionship, and can somehow instantly turn a bad day, into a good one. The world of science, however; recently revealed that pets offer mental and physical benefits. More specifically, our furry friends help boost our overall health and well-being.

Pets Offer Stress Relief

Research shows that individuals who own pets tend to experience less stress than those without pets. Pets have the ability to increase oxytocin production, a happy hormone, in the body. This hormone, once released, interacts with the receptors in the brain to create a calming effect throughout the body.

Pet owners tend to experience lower heart rates during difficult times. Moreover, they recover from an increased heart rate episode much faster.

Pets Offer Exercise and Fitness

Owning a pet could be the solution to your inactivity or your lack of motivation to exercise. Why? Dogs need to be taken for walks or runs daily for their own well- being. Even just taking them to the park for a quick game of catch will do.

This will help you stay active and exercise more. In turn, your body’s ability to burn calories while at rest will improve and increase. This will result in weight loss, and an improved physical physique and strength.

Improved Cardiovascular Health

According to the Journal of Vascular and Interventional Neurology, pet owners face a lower risk of developing heart disease. In other words, they have the ability to lengthen your life considerably. This fact remains true regardless of whether you own a dog or a cat.

Their ability to lower blood pressure and heart rate has a lot to do with it. Moreover, since they encourage individuals to be more active, they help lower cholesterol levels. Cholesterol and fat build-up have been linked to the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases.

Fat builds up and collects around the walls of major blood vessels. This tends to constrict the proper flow of blood, leading to high blood pressure.

Prevents Allergies in Children

A study published in Clinical and Experimental Allergy confirms this point. The earlier children are exposed to pets, the higher their chances of not developing allergies as they grow older. In other words, it considerably boosts the immune system of a child.

Pets have a considerable effect on people’s health. Other than providing unconditional love and companionship, our furry friends also improve our mental health.

Older people that own dogs experience better cognitive health. Moreover, they exhibit great physical strength and ability as well. Pets can offer tremendous benefits to different individuals regardless of their age group. Here at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital, we are here to make sure your pets are also in good health, For more information on keeping your pet healthy contact Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in Signal Hill.

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