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Dr. Lynda Guenther, Veterinarian, Co-Owner

As a child, Dr. Guenther was deeply impressed by her family’s veterinarian and his ability to solve all their pets’ medical problems. It inspired her so much that she knew she wanted to do the same thing! Her veterinary journey has led her all the way to her current position as a full-time Veterinarian and the Co-Owner of Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital.

Raised in the Bay Area, Dr. Guenther attended the University of California at Davis, receiving her Bachelor’s in Animal Physiology in 1985. She completed her DVM degree in 1992 at UC Davis’s School of Veterinary Medicine. After completing an internship in surgery and emergency critical care at California Animal Hospital, she started working in small animal practices in 1994. On June 1st, 1997, she started at Blue Cross as an associate veterinarian, eventually purchasing the hospital in 1998.

Since our pets can’t speak, Dr. Guenther continues to be motivated by the challenge of figuring out what’s bothering a pet. She enjoys communicating with families over the years and watching young puppies and kittens grow up.

Dr. Guenther and her wife, Dana, have enjoyed living in Long Beach for over 20 years. They have two beautiful girls and a small herd of dogs and cats. The very spoiled family dogs are Sawyer (Golden Retriever) and Charlie (Goldendoodle). Additionally they have two giant cats, aka the “little boys”, Kirby and Murphy.

In her free time, Dr. Guenther enjoys karate, golf, spending time with her kids, and scuba diving.


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Dr. Ralph D. Sellman II, Veterinarian, Co-Owner

Dr. Sellman’s earliest memories involve an intense love for animals—he grew up with dogs, cats, snakes, hamsters, fish, toads, and birds. He focused his passion towards helping pet owners understand their beloved companions by starting a lifelong career in veterinary medicine!

Dr. Sellman grew up in a suburb of Chicago as the oldest of three siblings. He went to the University of Tennessee in 1996, then completed a small animal medicine and surgical internship at the University of Georgia from 1996 to 1997. After working in the Florida Keys, Northern Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. area, he relocated to the west coast to assist his parents in retirement. He says meeting Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital’s Dr. Guenther was like meeting a long-lost sister—they hit it off right away!

Dr. Sellman’s professional interests include dental work and preventative medicine. He’s passionate about educating clients to provide the best care possible, and regularly attends continuing-education conferences to stay updated on current technology and treatments.

At home, Dr. Sellman has two orange and white tabby cats, George and Penny. Cody, a black Labrador, enjoys chasing tennis balls and antagonizing the cats. Scampers, a bottle-raised Siamese Flame Point, meets Dr. Sellman at the door nightly.

In his spare time, Dr. Sellman likes sea and whitewater kayaking, catching a hockey game at every NHL arena—he’s halfway to his goal!—and reading good books.


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Monica, Receptionist

Having previously worked in the customer service and management fields, Monica was looking for a career change. She applied for a receptionist position at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital, and has since grown immensely in the field, now serving as the Hospital Supervisor!

Growing up in Long Beach, Monica had over 17 dogs, two turtles, a rabbit, and countless fish. She started at Blue Cross in 2004, and instantly fell in love with the profession. Now she considers pet patients her children, and regularly refers to them as “her kids!”

Monica particularly likes greeting all clients and patients and hearing their stories. She loves working in a career that helps both pets and their owners, and is proud knowing that she helped pets feel better.

Monica’s son and daughter are her inspiration in life. She helps out in ministry and currently mentors a girls’ youth group. She enjoys photography, which she’s been practicing for 25 years, and also likes to cook and watch people enjoy her dishes.


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Kelsey, Front Office Supervisor

Since her mother worked as a Veterinary Technician at Blue Cross, Kelsey was often found around the clinic—staff members sometimes joke that she was born in the kennels! Young Kelsey would help clean cages and file paperwork and was hired on almost as soon as she was old enough.

Kelsey grew up in South Gate with her parents, younger brother, and many pets. At one point in her childhood, she counted the number of pets in the household, and it totaled to 21! She currently works as a receptionist and has previously worked as a technician assistant and kennel attendant. She likes the structure and organization of the receptionist position and has been happy with the role for the past seven years.

Being partially of Scottish heritage, one of Kelsey’s most memorable journeys was her trip to Scotland and London. She rented a car for the first time and drove it seven hours to Scotland—she says the experience was scary but she would do it again in a heartbeat!


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Tanya, Receptionist

Ever since she can remember, Tanya was inspired by people who dedicate their lives to helping animals. She always admired the way they could make a living doing what they loved, and aspired to be that type of person herself.

Tanya was born in Simi Valley, California. She’s never had a job that didn’t involve animals—her veterinary career began when she started working on a farm, tending to the animals and setting up kids’ parties. She worked at a pet store until she got her first job at a veterinary hospital. She began as a kennel attendant in 2001 and has worked her way up to her current position as a Back Office Supervisor!

As a veterinary professional, Tanya enjoys tending to hospitalized patients and doing little things to make them feel better and lift their spirits. She loves the hands-on aspect of her job, working closely with doctors, staff, and animals to improve a patient’s health.

At home, Tanya lives with her husband who also works as a veterinary technician’s assistant. They have two beautiful daughter, a sulcata tortoise, several frogs, and four cats – Paige, Turk, Chase, and Cheeto.


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Alex, Veterinary Assistant

Alex found her first pet dog in the streets of Long Beach, where she grew up. The poor creature was starving and covered in fleas. Alex convinced her parents to let the family keep the dog, and raising her made Alex realize she wanted to make animal care a career!

During high school, Alex worked at a neighboring animal hospital before volunteering at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital. She instantly fell in love with the profession and the clinic and was hired as a Veterinary and Kennel Assistant in January of 2011. She particularly likes assisting the senior staff during surgeries, as well as giving each and every pet the attention they need and deserve. She also enjoys grooming pets, and has even started a home grooming service for her own pets and family members!

Alex lives with her parents and three dogs: Rayo, a loyal Australian Cattle dog; Lola, the class-clown Pitbull; and Pelusa, a little Chihuahua who absolutely loves food. Alex also owns an adopted chinchilla named Chachis and two red-eared sliders.

When time permits, Alex enjoys rollerblading, which helps her relax and get good exercise.


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Mona, Veterinary Assistant

Mona used to work in the accounting field, but felt she needed a change. She’d always wanted to help animals, so she decided to help pets and their owners by pursuing a veterinary career!

Mona was born and raised in Long Beach. She came to Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in 2010 and couldn’t be happier with her choice. She especially enjoys phlebotomy—drawing blood—but is also interested in grooming and nursing pets back to health after a hospital stay.

Mona lives in Long Beach with her son and several pets, all of which are rescues. Tom was an unwanted kitten, Honey the Chihuahua was dropped off on a curb before Mona scooped her up, and George the cat was found taped to a box next to a dumpster. Now he rules the roost at Mona’s home!


Gloria, Kennel Attendant

Gloria was born and raised in Long Beach. She started working at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital in 2018 working as a Kennel Attendant making sure our furry children are fed, walked, and kept safe.

Gloria graduated from Bellflower Beauty College in 2018 obtaining her Esthetician License. She would like to further her education and experience in this field by working as a beauty advisor.

She has 2 rescue dogs that she loves dearly and would do anything for. Daisy, the eldest, was hit by a truck and brought to Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital by her mom. Gloria has been attached to her ever since. Chuck (pictured) was found three years after Daisy moved in after having been on the street for at least two weeks before Gloria rescued him and brought him into her loving home.

Gloria enjoys hanging out with her best friend of five years on her days off. She also loves going to the beach, getting her nails done, and being a social butterfly amongst family and friends.


Ofelia, Kennel Attendant

Ofelia grew up in Long Beach, but did not have any pets of her own growing up. Her mother was allergic to pets, so having a pet in the house was out of the question. Because of this, Ofelia told herself that she had her own home, she would have multiple fur-babies! She now has her princess
Kristina (pictured), Timmy (the perfect boy), and Missy who is 17 years old! All of her fur-babies are rescues, including her cat, Charlie, and she hopes to own a Golden Retriever one day.

At home, Ofelia lives with her wife Kelly – who loves animals more than humans! Ofelia love to take care of pets, but has a special place in her heart for the little ones. Just like her mother, Ofelia is also allergic to pets, but that does not stop her! Ofelia’s first instinct when she sees an animal is to say “hello” because she just loves them all!


Nick, Technician Assistant

Nick go into the veterinary field at age 18 as a kennel attendant. Throughout the years, he has worked his way through the ranks to his current position as a technician assistant. He hopes to continue his hand-on training and has a goal of becoming head technician one day.

In his free time, Nick owns his own recording studio and plays guitar with his band, Alter Boys. Nick lives with his fiancée Crystal, two boxers, and their newest addition, Ellika, a rescued Sphynx.


Michael, Technician Assistant

Born and raised in Carson, Michael frequently went to the local shelters to visit the dogs that were available for adoption. Michael has always loved animals, since he was very young. Being the only boy in his household, he usually spent most of his time playing with other people’s dogs and cats instead of with his sisters since they were only into makeup and dolls. Because of that, he ended up raising six red-eared slider turtles, a few parakeets, and even a chicken, since his parents did not
allow any dogs or cats in his household.

After graduating from CSULB, he moved out and ended up raising three dogs: a Siberian Husky named Koa, a Corgi/Shepherd named Bailey, and a wolf-hybrid named Buddha. At one point in his life, his first and oldest dog, Koa, was stolen from him when he was away on a business trip for work. Miraculously, Koa was then found TWO YEARS LATER, and was reunited with Michael! It was because of this miracle that Michael knew exactly what he wanted to do with his life: take care of animals, help the families that have lost their loved ones, and help reunite them back together. Having gone through that loss, Michael understands how it feels and now wants to help those that are going through or have gone through the same thing, for both the pets and family members.

Michael took a few years to travel the world before beginning his career in the veterinary field. As a result, upon his return, he began to pursue his dreams of working with and being around animals all the time. Michael is currently a student at OCVAS to become a certified Veterinary Technician while working at Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital.


Giovanna, Receptionist

Giovanna has worked as a veterinary receptionist for five years and recently joined our team in 2019. She has a fun-loving, welcoming presence for our clients that we really value. Giovanna always had pets growing up but currently has no pets due to her busy schedule. She makes up for it by cuddling the patients in the hospital and pet sitting! Giovanna is currently attending Long Beach City College in pursuit of a degree in Political Science. In her downtime, she enjoys painting and swimming. She
currently resides in Long Beach with her partner/soulmate of five years!


Joe, Kennel Attendant

Joe is part of our kennel team. He is responsible for taking care of our fury friends and enjoys being able to treat them like part of his family each and every day. Some of Joe’s hobbies include sports, seeing good movies, music, heading to the great outdoors, discovering new places, and always loves to learn something new! Joe always has a smile on his face is excited to get the chance to care for you furry friend.


Brittany, RVT

Brittany knew from a young age that her calling was to work with animals. She began volunteering at local animal shelters at 14 and got her first job as a kennel attendant in a veterinary clinic at 16.

After graduating high school, she attended college in San Diego where she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, thinking that she wanted to go into animal behavior as a dog trainer. She decided to work as an animal care technician at a local shelter, which is where she began to realize her dream of becoming an RVT.

In May of 2017, she started school at Carrington College to receive her Associate’s degree in Veterinary Technology. Throughout school, she worked at an all-cat clinic where she gained valuable cat handling knowledge and was able to use the practical skills she was learning in class. She graduated with her Veterinary Technology degree in March of 2019 and a few months later passed her VTNE exam to become an RVT!

In her free time, she enjoys going to amusement parks, drawing, singing, and spending time with family and her boyfriend. Together they have two animals – a dog, Hunter (pictured) and a cat, Kona. She also has a Shih Tzu named Maximus who is her pride and joy. He currently lives with her mom in Sacramento, where she visits often.


Autumn, Technician Assistant

Autumn was raised in Atlanta, GA. She got her first job at sixteen working as a receptionist and technician assistant for an exotic/avian veterinary specialty hospital.

Autumn graduated from Middle Tennessee State University in 2003 with a B.S. Degree in Animal Science (pre-veterinary medicine). She was accepted into the 2004 freshman class of The Ohio State University’s School of Veterinary Medicine but disenrolled after two months because of a family emergency. During this time, she realized she enjoyed the nursing care/hands-on aspect of technician work more than the actual diagnoses that veterinarians do, so she set her goal of becoming an RVT. She passed the National Veterinary Technician Examination in Georgia in October 2006.

Autumn also has her phlebotomy and radiology technician certifications through the state of Alabama and worked in both positions at the University of Alabama teaching hospital. She only lasted 3 months at each location before quitting and going back to work with animals! She is a Delta Zeta Sorority Alumni (Iota Iota Chapter) and is an inactive now but previous member of MENSA.

In May of 2007, her English Bulldog, “Mr. Chicken”, and Autumn took a road trip from Atlanta to West Hollywood, CA to visit an old friend during a two-week vacation…but she never left! Autumn met her husband at work in 2013 and they were married on July 9, 2015.


Cheyenne, Technician Assistant

Cheyenne has been amazed by animals since she was a young girl. Growing up, no other field interested her like the veterinary field. She loved it so much she decided to go to school to become a veterinarian! Cheyenne currently attends Cal Poly Pomona with a major in Animal Science and she plans to go off to veterinary school soon!

Cheyenne was raised in the city of Wilmington, CA where she found herself always helping stray cats and dogs find their fur-ever homes. She joined Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital and is being trained to be the best she can be on her journey through veterinary school. She has a chihuahua named Lily that she rescued from being sent to the shelter as a puppy and Lily couldn’t be happier! During her free time, Cheyenne loves to watch Disney movies, sit at the coast, and go on outdoor adventures!