No walk-ins of any type are being allowed at this time. All services must be scheduled prior to your arrival.

Due to COVID, we are performing all services in a curbside manner. Upon your arrival in the parking lot, please contact the office at (562) 494-0975 to be checked in. There is a blue number painted on the brick wall in the parking lot with your parking stall number on it. Please give this stall number to the person checking you in each time you arrive. A staff member will be out to either bring your pet in, take them back out, or bring you your purchased items. When the staff member arrives, please practice safe social distancing guidelines by wearing your mask and staying 6ft apart. Have your pet ready to be brought in by having them outside of your vehicle when the staff member arrives. Cats and small dogs should be kept in an enclosed container. Larger pets should be on a collar or harness and leash that they cannot back out of. Our staff is not allowed to retrieve or deliver your pets or goods.

Due to the reduction in state-mandated restrictions, we are now able to schedule spay and neuter procedures again. Please call for more information.

Emergency services are not available at this time. If your pet is have an emergent situation, please take him or her to either Long Beach Animal Emergency (562) 735-5200, ACCESS Specialty in Torrance (310) 320-8300, or AVSG in Tustin (949) 653-2846.

Grooming services are limited to bathing services at this time. Hair styling is not being performed unless medically necessary.

Due to reduction in our hours due to COVID, we are not able to accommodate dog boarding at this time. Cats may stay Monday – Saturday, but must be picked up by end of the current business hours (4p on weekdays, 2p on Saturdays). No pets may stay over the weekend.

March 13, 2020

RE: Important COV-19 update

Dear Blue Cross Veterinary Hospital Families,

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we will be making some protocol adjustments to increase the safety to our clients, staff, and patients. We will make every effort to continue to provide high-quality medicine to your wonderful cats and dogs during this global health crisis.

Visits for Healthy Families

Entering the hospital you will be required to use hand sanitizer or wash your hands. We have always actively cleaned and disinfected the hospital, but we have redoubled these efforts in the past 10 days.

We will try to maintain social distancing and this will require us to get histories in the exam room and then do the examinations of the pets back in the hospital treatment area. This will allow our staff to reduce public contact. While this reduces the family atmosphere we so love at Blue Cross, it minimizes the chances of disease exposure. Please understand that if the BCVH staff gets quarantined, the hospital would be closed to all services until a lift of the quarantine. We are going to diligently work to keep our doors open throughout this crisis to provide medical care. We ask that you please work with us to achieve that goal. We too look forward to life going forward in a more normal fashion.

If you have worries and wish to stay outside, we will bring your pet inside and come get a history from you. We will evaluate your pet and provide treatment then discharge you from the parking lot. We want you to feel safe and cared for to the best of our abilities. Just let the staff know when scheduling the appointment and call from the parking lot upon arrival.

Visits for Sick or Quarantined Families

If you have a cough, sneeze or congestion you will be required to wear a mask and may be asked to wait outside in your vehicle in an abundance of caution. Please do not be offended by these temporary procedures, we are following the CDC recommendations for personal and public safety.

Please do not come into the office if you are currently quarantined or actively sick. Delay routine care items until you are well. If your pet is sick, we will provide as much care as is possible. We will take them from the car and provide medical care and discharge them directly back to the car. Just let the staff know when scheduling the appointment and call from the parking lot upon arrival.

Telemedicine Option

We are looking into telemedicine options. This would be via Face Time, Skype, the free app Discord or phone-based appointments. This would not be effective for all types of cases but could be for many patients. Our goal is to provide you with excellent care to the best of our ability as this current situation evolves. Please call us if you would need this service.

Pets On Long Term Medications

Please be sure you have medication supplies for at least 14 days. This includes cardiac, insulin, asthma and allergy medications, flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives etc. Also, be sure you have a minimum of 2 weeks of dog and cat food, plus don’t forget those treats and cat litter! Your cat will thank us! This is just like your earthquake kit for your pets.

Human to Animal Virus Risk

AVMA update from 3/14/2020

“No evidence has been generated suggesting that dogs and cats can get sick from exposure to COVID-19 or transmit the disease. Nonetheless, the AVMA urges caution and says anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19, the infection caused by the virus, should limit contact with animals and have another member of the household feed, exercise and play with pets; wear a medical mask around service animals; avoid sharing food with pets; avoid face-to-face contact and hugs, and wash hands before and after any contact with pets.”.

So what is recommended at this time: Do not be afraid of your pets!
1. Do not share food, dishes or utensils with your pets.
2. Do not allow your dog to lick your face. Do not kiss your dog on the face.
3. Wash your hands. Wash your hands. Wash your hands.
4. The virus may potentially live on surfaces for up to 6 days, this might include your dog. With your pets, please practice the same degree of social spacing from other dogs and people outside of your household as you would with yourself.

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding. Together we will work through this event. If you have any questions, please call or email us. As the situation is fluid, we will continue to provide updates as they are available.

Drs. Guenther and Sellman, II