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    When you come home after a long day, your pet is always there to greet you enthusiastically. Just like that – with a few wags of the tail, a wet, slobbery kiss or that deep, throaty purr – the stress of the day begins to just melt away. Our pets give so freely of themselves, loving us unconditionally and offering us their unwavering loyalty, asking nothing in return other than a small amount of our love and attention. Nobody understands the special bond you share with your four-legged family member like the team at our Long Beach veterinary hospital!

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    Regular Walks Can Lead to a Happier, Healthier...

    May 01, 2015

    Walking is one of your dog Tucker’s greatest pleasures. Before his twice-daily neighborhood jaunts, your four-year-old retriever mix excitedly bounds for the door. He just can’t wait to sniff all the trees and check in with his canine buddies. You’re … Read More »

    Canine Influenza – What You Need To Know

    Apr 22, 2015

    Canine influenza and Vaccine update As you may have heard, there has recently been an outbreak of Canine Influenza. This outbreak has affected more than 1,000 dogs in Chicago and the Midwest. It is important to note that to this … Read More »

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